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Woman with Bible

Who We Are

First Baptist church of Portage la Prairie is a church that above all wants to celebrate the love of Jesus and share this love with the rest of the world. We are regular people who have sinned just like everybody else. If you're looking for the perfect church, we are not it! But if you are looking for a church that is full of people who have experienced the love, mercy, and grace of God- all of us are works in progress- then this is the church for you. We welcome you and hope you will join us on our ongoing journey to know Jesus Christ better (Phillipians 3:10)!

What we believe

The Bible is the Word of God

The 66 books that make up the Old and New Testament are our source of authority in all things- life, family, friends, work, and fun. The Bible tells us the grand story of God's creation of the world, mankind choosing to sin against their Creator, and God's plan to bring lost people back to Himself. Every Sunday and throughout the week the Bible is taught boldly and without apology. We believe God is still alive and active in our world and one of the main ways He speaks to us is through His Word- the Bible.

It's all about Jesus

Jesus Christ is more then a historical figure or a character in a book. Jesus is alive and active in our world today! Our church is all about celebrating the love of Jesus- His love for us primarily shown through His sacrificial death for us on the cross. Jesus dying for our sins is not just something we believe, but it's the basis for everything we do. Jesus rising again from the grave isn't just a story we tell kids; it's a historical fact that has a life giving impact on us today!

Called to reach our city

With news this good, how can we keep it to ourselves? Our church family goes beyond the 4 walls of our building. It reaches out into our city of Portage La Prairie! Jesus calls us to love the people of our city, to engage our world with the truth, and to do it all for God's Glory! If you're looking for a church family, join us!

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